I participate in several pop-ups and art shows throughout the year. They are a great way to make connections with people buying and using my work. While I update this section regularly, Instagram is the best way to see what I have going on! If you would like me to participate in an event or show you are having please get in touch!


As you may have guessed, pop-ups and art shows are not really a thing this season. I personally had five sales get cancelled just in Spring. So, in response to this I have started a shop section on my Instagram. I am doing monthly sales through my stories, and so far, it's working out really well. I am so impressed by my local community and loyal customers. So if you have ever purchased my work, I want to say thank you! If you would like to purchase my work head over to my Instagram @BiancaW.Ceramics I will be posting new items at the end of every month!

All set up! Come on out the weather is g

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