Hello! My name is Bianca Williams and I am a ceramic designer making functional porcelain pottery for the home and garden in Gainesville, Florida. Over the years  I have had an eclectic, slightly non-traditional education in ceramics, and most recently, I completed my post-bacc at the University of Florida.

My work features botanically themed drawings, geometric lines, abstract shapes, and occasionally, woodland animals. Inspiration for these images derives from my passion for gardening and the turning of the seasons. My work often appears simple from a distance, but closer inspection finds hidden details on even the most practical of vessels. Aiming for a feeling of sturdy comfort and luxury, I use a clear satin matte glaze over polished porcelain so that the experience of holding the form becomes just as valuable as its function.

I currently manage a small ceramics studio, where I make my work for individuals, restaurants and florists. I also teach classes and host making events. Please feel free to email me with any questions! 


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