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I make modern ceramics for the home. Well, mostly, I make modern ceramics I want in my home. I think I started making ceramics because I was curious. The mysterious mechanics of the pottery wheel was a challenge I felt compelled to explore, just to see if I could actually do it. I was one of those people, you hear about it all the time in ceramics, from the moment I started making pottery, I just couldn’t stop. It’s been almost 20 years since I started throwing and ceramics continues to frustrate and excite me. There is always something new to try, a shape to tweak, an image or color that could be just that tiny bit better, it never stops. It makes me so happy that other people love what I make. It's a constant delight that I can make a living creating things that other people want. Particularly because, otherwise, I would have been buried alive by pottery years ago, and always, because of the hundreds of times some has told me they use my mug every morning and it makes their day better. I can’t tell you how good that feels.



I live in Gainesville, Florida, a small city full of weirdos, musicians, and foodies, plus the occasional rabid sports fan. I’m from here, so I can say that. If I didn’t make pottery, I would be writer or a painter or a gardener. Oddly enough, ceramics somehow makes me feel like I am all three, with a hefty dose of mad scientist for good measure. I like cats, plants, books, and shiny things, in no particular order, and my favorite color is gold. I would trade my best kidney for a better sense of direction, and I love learning new things. 



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